About Us

Our Story

What started out as a small operation run out of the back of a pickup truck in 1962 has blossomed into a full fledged gourmet experience here in 2019. After the great dashboard fire of '86, there was little hope left for a full recovery. It was only thanks to the help of an anonymous donation that we were able to devote our time to opening our current location. In just 33 short years, we've come back stronger than ever and ready to cement ourselves into the hearts and stomachs of every Marquette resident.

Our Chef

Executive Chef Ryan has carefully crafted our menu from many lifetimes worth of worldly experience. Born in a remote fishing village in 1954 Soviet occupied Tanzania, Ryan made it his mission to bring the recipes of his Grandfather, Colonel Prosciutto Linguine of the 33rd battalion His Majesty's army, to the modern era. The dream is alive today, and you have to taste it to believe it!

Our Staff

Our staff is compromised entirely of volunteer workers donating their time to the furthering of our establishment's dream. With this many customers choosing to help us out from the goodness of their hearts, we must be doing something right!